RXB is an abbreviation formed by combining Rx, which signifies a medical prescription, and the B in Plan B, representing an alternative in uncontrollable situations. The correlation between physical activity and the quality of a healthy life has been well-established through numerous research findings. Similar to how prescriptions are issued for diseases or injuries, RXB is created with the purpose of providing clothing tailored to individual physical conditions and adding joy to various activities in daily life.

RXB clothing is crafted from the finest fabrics and materials supplied from around the world. The uniqueness of RXB extends beyond the lightweight, durability, softness, and breathability provided by differentiated fabrics. Unlike mass-produced clothing in factories, RXB garments are crafted by skilled domestic seamstresses, ensuring a one-of-a-kind garment that maintains its form at the time of purchase. Limited quantities of clothing are produced with premium materials, and the goal is to introduce new designs every week.

In summary, RXB aims to enhance daily life by offering clothing tailored to individual physical conditions and various activities. The brand distinguishes itself with high-quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and limited-edition designs introduced weekly.